Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Issues called but not yet reported

At least Tesco pay expenses. Is there too many unpaid jobs/internships in Theatre

Want to go for a walk? Meet outside at 16:30

Free space exchange: any ideas? Skills-swaps dead space

What are greener non toxic making techniques for puppet and prop makers

Hello, my name is Sarah. I’m developing a new opera that aims to find ways for deaf & hearing-impaired people to engage with sound/music. If you’re interested in talking/involving yourself/giving advice please find me – purple legs, stripy jumper, red bag, curly hair…

How can we trust arts organizations wanting to support independent artists/inventors?

The Feldenkrais Method and Performance and Life in general

Should the Arts Council Funding East to Edinburgh scheme be left alone, opened up to the rest of us, or scrapped?

D&D Roadshow 2012

“It’s only a show” – how to be still devoted, not indifferent, but not care so much?

Massage my shoulders and I’ll massage your ego (ps I have access to funding)

Massage my shoulders (& neck) & I’ll massage your ego even more than that other woman

Want to go for a walk?

I cured myself of 3 things this week using acupressure points. Want to learn which ones?

What unexpected partnerships can we dream up?

Are we all middle class now? Why aren’t we talking about class?

I think you can do this better than me -  I am looking for a producer to work with. I can pay cash.

Theatre-makers: how do we make a film?

The blurry line of social and work relationships.  How to still communicate as professionally and honestly as you should.

We can all do lots of things.  Why do you do what you do?

The 7 year show

Passion – so what’s all the big idea about it?

Do you produce independently? Let’s talk about processes and challenges over a cup of tea.

Is anyone else in this room curious about theatre and religion?

Science and arts crossover events – calling theatre practitioners, musicians, poets, playwrights, directors, visual artists – anybody who is interested in collaborating with scientists or responding to an academic theme, eg memory, space, time.  Event at this years Secret Garden Party.

If I call my thing a play, will more people come?

A festival on nothing

After 2012 – can we keep the culture up?

Recording live performance – what’s the value?

Non-pro musicians as musicians. Can we? How?

Does whether my show makes a profit depend on if Lyn Gardner likes it?

How do you get started after graduating from a non-traditional drama school?

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