Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just shut up and do it!: The writing of a manifesto

Convener: Ned Lunn

Participants: Jerity Standen, Clara Giraud, Pascal Porcheon, Lucy Avery, Susanna Davios-Cul, Aliki Chapple, Kelli Des Jariais, Adam Milford, Jules Munns, David Cotts, Valentina Zaparia, Sam Pallis, Jonathan Bidgood

Summary of discussion, conclusions and/or recommendations:

The right people would like to articulate:

We believe that theatre is a living, organic force that we participate in a physical and effective communion with.

We are both united and multiple in a creative mystery.

We don’t want to be lonely anymore: We will seek pleasure in the relationships with other. We want to be able to be vulnerable and playful with ourselves and with others, physicallys, emotionally, intellectually and financially.

We don’t need money to make theatre (but it helps)

We need money to publicise theatre (but not always)

We will continue to faithfully wrestle with each other and the deepest, unspeakable desires, frivolity and pains of life in a potent dance.

Now is the time we say it’s over and at the same it has just begun…

Viva la revolution! (for now)

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